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An Identity for Worship

The Worshipful Company of Turners is home to the country’s finest craftsmen working with wood. When they asked us to look at their identity we knew this would be a project that would benefit from close attention to print production.

Their identity began life in 1634 as a simple coat of arms. Over the years it had grown complicated and at odds with the beautifully considered craft it celebrated. We came in to refocus and de-clutter. Taking a fresh look at the assets at our disposal and reinstating the clarity and confidence befitting an ancient guild of London.

We created one definitive coat of arms and locked it up with one definitive logotype to create a strong base for a proud identity. For the crest we refined elements from the three previous crests for a cleaner finish; the logotype ‘turns’ around the crest as a spinning lathe would do. It works for the two sides of the company – both the historic guild and the craft of turning, and will last well into the future.

Both the typefaces Caslon and Gill Sans have strong links to the city of London.

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Straight Forward Design – Worshipful Company of Turners

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