Straight Forward Design - Sundance Logo

Sundance Website

On the day of Sundance’s 13th Anniversary, we launched their new website. The site is based around a single home page with expandable sections, each owning an icon created from Sundance’s suite of shapes. When a section is selected, the icon will drop and animate out into it’s full state. We purposely kept the site […]

Masters Of Wine International Wine Symposium 2018

A Symposium for the Masters of Wine

The Institute of Masters of Wine came to us for a new look for the 2018 International Wine Symposium prospectus. Every four years the institute holds an International Wine Symposium. It is one of the most important events in the international wine calendar, attracting people from all over the globe. The institute asked us to produce literature […]

Avalon Website - Browser Homepage

Avalon Websites

As part of the Avalon redesign the client asked us to create a website to convey the different offers within the business. Our brief was too communicate Avalons expertise, passion and quality and how this fed into their capability to produce everything from small bespoke projects to high volume production runs – all with the same […]

2014 Starburst Halloween Packaging Launch - Spooky Shadow

Trick or Treat

Starburst and Tesco came together for a Halloween limited edition. Our job was to create a concept that made Starburst relevant at halloween. We decided to play on an old Halloween favourite ‘trick or treat’. To create the trick or treat we have three flavours with a sweet and sour version of each – so […]

Sundance Stationary

Sundance Identity

After 12 years of great success in the world of strategic research, Sundance identified an opportunity for change. They wanted to re-frame the business with a new offer and to reflect this change wanted a new identity to match. Their previous logo was a sun of complex layering and colour, which was both difficult and […]

Turners Card Close

An Identity for Worship

The Worshipful Company of Turners is home to the country’s finest craftsmen working with wood. When they asked us to look at their identity we knew this would be a project that would benefit from close attention to print production. Their identity began life in 1634 as a simple coat of arms. Over the years […]

Front End Interior - The Blue Room

Front End Interior

We went to Wrigley HQ  to see our new design for the Front End office being installed. We were tasked by the Front End team to brand their office in line with the visual identity we have created. We extended the current branding, creating a colourful pattern based on the Front End arrow to bring […]

Straight Forward Lenka

Lenka Joins Straight Forward

We would like to welcome Lenka into the Straight Forward fold. Lenka came to us in the summer of 2013 on a work placement. Lenka returned to the UK after completing her Masters in Graphic Design at the highly regarded Brno University of Technology in her native Czech Republic. She impressed us with her skills […]

2014 Starburst Original Packaging front and back


Starburst was in need of a packaging refresh. They had a strong portfolio of sub-brands that were diluting the parent brand, resulting in a big player getting lost in a crowd of confectionary. It was time to reassert the Starburst identity and make this the first thing to leap off the shelf. We did this […]

Avalon Bespoke Business Cards

Avalon Identity

It can be hard when you are a growing business, especially when you have a lot of business units each with different functions. This is why Avalon needed a flexible identify to bring the various business units together as a family. As all of the units are printing or complimentary to printing we created a […]

Frank Stationary - Mobile Website And Stationary

A Fr@nk Post

We’re feeling cosmopolitan today. A few months ago some old friends in New Zealand got in touch. They asked us to design the brand identity for FR@NK, a new consultancy they were setting up to help companies get their IT infrastructure sorted. As a new business they wanted to stand out from the crowd and […]

Worshipful Company of Turners Printing

Die Stamping

This week I had the chance to see the Worshipful Company of Turners business cards being die-stamped and printed. I headed down to the Baddeley Brothers printers in Hackney and took some shots of the process. The finished result is beautiful.

Lockets Packaging redesign - Crop

Clearing the Communication Congestion

Exciting news — our packaging redesign for Lockets can be found in store this week! The brief was to clean up the existing Lockets packs as they had become cluttered and recessive on shelf. The brand didn’t need a design revolution, the communication just needed to be simpler and have a stronger impact. We deconstructed the existing pack […]

Culture & Culture Cards - Crop

Say Cheese

Kanako from Culture & Culture popped into the studio today to pick up her freshly printed business cards and cheese tasting menus. We are very excited about this little job as it gave us the opportunity to design an identity for something all of us here at Straight Forward love – CHEESE!!    The logo encapsulates […]

Avalon Print Book

Photographing Paper

Last week I had the pleasure to spend a couple of days with Photographer Andy Grimshaw, art directing the shoot for Avalon’s new branding. We needed to capture the beauty, craft, texture, print techniques, and finishes of all these print samples. Although Andy has done a lot of work with Straight FWD, I haven’t worked with […]

Window design for Andy Grimshaws Studio - Exterior

Window on the World

Andy’s new studio is a triumph. The huge glass front has only one down side – privacy. To solve the problem we designed a multi layered frosting using the logo to brand the building and create the privacy needed. On the inside light still floods the room when it’s needed – while the design creates a lovely texture. The […]

Tusting Stamp Plate

Stamp Test

We came into the studio this morning to receive a lovely email from Gillian at Tusting. In October last year we started working on a rebrand of the luxury leather bag designer & manufacturer. We developed a crest that symbolised and celebrated the brand’s heritage with quintessentially British characteristics. Tusting have now produced a die stamp […]

Skittles Cloud Adoption Promotion Cloud In A Jar

Adopt a Cloud!

We love working on Skittles – Coming up with madcap solutions for this irreverent brand is a joy. This project was no different, we were asked to create a press pack for the press release of the NEW Skittles ‘Wild Berry’. The above-the-line campaign features an old lady with a pet cloud, which rains Wild […]

Tusting Visual Identity

The Tusting family know their leather. They’ve been working with it since 1875, making it into many beautiful things. They wanted their visual identity to reflect the care and attention they apply to their craft. We worked with them to build an identity that embraced their English heritage, celebrated their attention to detail, reflected their […]

Staying Trendy

The Front End team at Wrigley needed a new section for their internal site. It aims to give the team an insight into the current consumer trends, as well as a platform to share inspirational examples of them. Deciding that the images and examples should take centre stage, a board of inspiration greets you as […]

Hot Squash Covers - Trio Fan

Hot Squash

The visual identity for this technology led fashion company puts information at the heart of the brand. The coloured dot device inside the logo tells consumers about the garments technology – warm, cool, or clever (warming and cooling). This has been applied to promotional communications, and packaging.

Charlotte Book - Wasted Dreams & Jelly Beans Cover Crop

That’s Music to My Ears (and Fingertips…)

We were recently approached by Chapter Press to work on a very interesting collaboration with themselves, GF Smith and Novalia, a company are in the business of integrating traditional print and conventional electronics – we thought this sounded like a very exciting proposition! Novalia have recently invented an interactive paper and realised it could be […]

Textbook Time…

The Wrigley Confections Textbook came back from the printers today. We really used this as a platform to bring the brand alive, using a fold out cover to print the logo as huge as possible whilst structurally making it strong enough to support a separate, pull-out mini booklet. As the brand is fruity and fun we […]

Mark Young

Mark Joins the Team

Today was Mark Young’s first day as our junior designer. Having completed a BA at the University of Central Lancashire, Mark had been honing his design skills interning at some of London’s finest Design Agencies. It is really exciting to see the portfolio of fresh design talent and Mark’s did not disappoint. His work stood […]

Make the Logo Bigger…

Usually when the client says “we want the logo REALLY BIG” creatives do nothing but groan – imagine our surprise when we popped down to Wrigley HQ for a meeting the other day and saw our confections logo in 3ft 3D coloured foam type, AMAZING! It’s so nice to see work become real, especially when […]

The Finishing Touches…

Here at Straight Forward we really believe in attention to detail, as do our clients Tusting. Being in the luxury, handmade, leather bag business, we wanted to capture this quality and add a really hand-crafted feel to their latest brochure. Our friends at Chapter Press helped us achieve this effect by using an exposed ‘Centre […]

Charlie Allen

A rebrand for one of London’s finest bespoke tailors that celebrates the hand of the craftsman. Charlie Allen traditionally signed the inside of every garment he created, it seemed right to hero his signature as the mark of quality, applying it to all brand collateral as a high quality foil stamp.

Turners Coat of Arms Stained Glass Window

Drinks at the Apothecaries’ Hall

Last Thursday evening we were invited to a drinks reception hosted by our newest clients The Worshipful Company of Turners at the Apothecaries’ Hall in the City. This was a fabulous opportunity for us to get an insight into the history of the Guild and meet some of the Company members. We couldn’t help but […]

The Fold Look-book

The Fold

Printed material for The Fold, a high-end, boardroom-to-bar, ladies fashion brand. Catalogues, lookbooks and the application of their identity to stationary, which playfully emulates the materiality of their name.

Bikini Fling

We brought this flirty and fun brand alive by taking the pinks dots from the logo and using them boldly throughout the Lookbook to highlight key information and tie the collection together.


A new identity for the Wrigley Confections’ brand, a celebration of all thing sweet, fruity and fun. Inspiration for the identity comes from Skittles, the hero brand in this division. The textbook’s info-graphics emulate the roundness and vibrancy of these colourful balls of joy! A fold-out cover allowed us to print the logo as big […]

April Fooled Ya!

We were approached by Wrigley’s Front End Team to come up with a promo campaign. This was to be the internal divisions way to come out and introduce themselves within the company. The nature of this Innovations team’s work is slightly maverick, so it was decided that an April fool would be a fittingly unorthodox […]

Front End Section Growth Centre Logo

Leading from the Front End

Front End is an in-house Innovation Unit at Wrigley, whose task is to drive the business forward at point of purchase. The branding takes the three key areas of this division and gives each a colour identifier. These then come together to create a brand mark that symbolises the directive nature of their work. The […]

Top of the Tables

Wrigley’s Front End division were holding a training week for the business’ global players and we were asked to enhance the workspace with the new Front End visual identity. Adding the Wrigley blue to the three colour blocks from the Front End branding (purple, green and orange) we commissioned four work tables to be made […]

Push PR

Our rebrand of this London based fashion and luxury goods brand fits them smartly within their target market. Adding attention to detail through the use of spot varnishes, laser-cutting and duplex printing techniques, across promotional material, gift guides and press packs.

The Writing is on the Walls

At Wrigley’s Front End there is a room that is used for trailing out the Front End layouts of new stores. We were given the brief to enhance the walls of this space. On one side we placed a timeline that tracked the history of the Front End and relevant consumer and store facts. This […]

Logotype Book

Un Logotipo Que Baila!

About 2 years ago I responded to a call out from Rockport Publishers for examples of typography to put into a book they were publishing. I had totally forgotten about this, so imagine what a nice surprise it was last week to receive an email from them telling me the book had been printed and included […]

MaltEaster Mini Bunnys packaging

Mini Malteaster Bunnies

What a lovely job it was being asked to design the wrappers and shelf-ready unit for the New Mini Malteaster Bunnies. Coming in packs of 6 miniature snacks our concept evokes the spring-time scene of baby bunnies bouncing out of holes across the countryside, and on the slightly darker side, evoking the funfair game of […]

Rosina's Lotions & Potions Logotype Lockup

Rosinas Lotions & Potions

Creating a new brand world from scratch for a Retro Skincare range. Name generation, logo, brand visual language and it’s interpretation to packaging, website, POS and beauticians apparel. Imagine opening up a beautiful old hat box; a treasure chest which contains home-created beauty secrets, handwritten on the back of vintage postcards. Amongst these are wonderful […]

Visual Research

Visual Research

Not usually one for blowing my own trumpet but, last Thursday was the launch of the second edition of Visual Research, written by my old tutors; Dr Russell Bestley, who heads up the MA Graphic Design course at LCC, and Ian Noble now course director of the MA Communication Design at Kingston. The book features […]

Ice Cream, Holidays & All Things Summery & Nice…

We were recently approached by Mars Ice Cream to create their Retailer Sales Brochure. This was an exciting opportunity to have a bit of fun – after all ice cream is all about nice treats and celebrating summer. Research suggested that ice cream invokes feelings of nostalgia and, as the communication was specific to a […]

Busy B Images

Becky Ford Comes Onboard

Straight Forward warmly welcomes Becky Ford onboard as our new Design Director. Becky’s number one specialism is visual identity design, closely followed by a love for typography (especially Bs). She has a rich and varied design background, working for over a decade in many of London’s most exciting branding and graphic design agencies before returning to full […]

Snickers Ice Cream model

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Sometimes simple physics can really complicate things. Like when you need to photograph ice cream. It has a tendency to melt, and melt quite quickly under lights. The only solution is to have models made. Not that it’s a particularly easy solution. The unique textures of chocolate, caramel, nuts and ice cream are difficult to […]

The Galaxy is Spinning

We thought we’d let you in on the shoot we did the other day, for our Galaxy Middle East Ice Cream promotion work.  The final piece looks effortless but in reality there was a lot of fiddling around with melted chocolate, turntables and varying speeds of spinning.

Galaxy packaging

Middle Eastern Chocolate Delight

We have been having fun lately, shooting the products and accompanying chocolatey gooey-ness for our Middle Eastern Galaxy pack re-designs. It’s amazing how much work goes into getting that just right, melt-in-the-mouth, silkiness that the Galaxy brand evokes. We had a whole team of people onboard, including Sue our food economist who had to empty […]

There’s no such thing as ‘a’ Rioja – Poster Campaign

Rioja Wine Council

The Rioja Wine Council needed help communicating the diversity of their wine region. We needed to find a way to let people know that there’s more to Rioja than a glass of heavy, hearty red. The answer was to create an advertising campaign celebrating diversity – It included national press and web, working in tandem with in-store […]

Andy Grimshaw - Andy 3D Logo

Andy Grimshaw

Creating a physical logo for this still-life photographer seemed like the most appropriate design solution. Andy shot these letterforms himself, creating an identity that celebrates his work and showcases the skilled play of light and composition that photography involves.

Congratulations Galaxy!

Galaxy hit the billion dollar brand mark and became the second biggest chocolate brand in the UK recently. They approached us with a brief to create a visual identity and communications for the team internally. We decided to celebrate the chocolate bar by designing business cards and compliment slips that emulate giant pieces of its iconic form. They […]