2014 Starburst Halloween Packaging Launch - Spooky Shadow

Trick or Treat

Starburst and Tesco came together for a Halloween limited edition. Our job was to create a concept that made Starburst relevant at halloween.

We decided to play on an old Halloween favourite ‘trick or treat’. To create the trick or treat we have three flavours with a sweet and sour version of each – so you won’t know if you’re unwrapping a sweet treat or a sour trick until you eat the Starburst. Not that it really matters, they’re both delicious.

We created a special pack and called it the ‘scare edition’ with creepy twists such as evil jack o’lantern faces for the fruit and a colour palette to match.

It’s time to TEAR AND SCARE Grab a pack today.

Thanks to Running with Scissors for their help concepting and copywriting.




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