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As part of the Avalon redesign the client asked us to create a website to convey the different offers within the business.

Our brief was too communicate Avalons expertise, passion and quality and how this fed into their capability to produce everything from small bespoke projects to high volume production runs – all with the same attention for detail.

In order to achieve this we developed two separate portals for the different business offers, one targeted at purchasers of small, bespoke print projects and one at purchasers of high volume production runs. Although the two client bases still wanted Avalons passion, expertise and quality overall they had very different commercial needs. The challenge was to individually speak to these two audiences whilst still providing a coherent voice for the overarching Avalon brand.

For high volume print we developed a site to appeal to large scale production and procurement experts and focus on communicating the speed, quantity and quality of the Avalon professional print division.

For bespoke we developed a site targeted at creative professionals  – a space to celebrate beautiful print and inspire cutting edge design possibilities.

Finally we developed the home site – a place to hero the values of the parent brand and provide an overview of the whole business. It also functions as a portal to the Print and Bespoke Divisions with in-built flexibility to allow new sections to be added inline with business growth.

The result is a targeted yet holistic web platform that exudes the values of the Avalon brand throughout.





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