Straight Forward Design - Sundance Logo

Sundance Website

On the day of Sundance’s 13th Anniversary, we launched their new website. The site is based around a single home page with expandable sections, each owning an icon created from Sundance’s suite of shapes. When a section is selected, the icon will drop and animate out into it’s full state. We purposely kept the site […]

Masters Of Wine International Wine Symposium 2018

A Symposium for the Masters of Wine

The Institute of Masters of Wine came to us for a new look for the 2018 International Wine Symposium prospectus. Every four years the institute holds an International Wine Symposium. It is one of the most important events in the international wine calendar, attracting people from all over the globe. The institute asked us to produce literature […]

Starburst Teenage Cancer Trust

Starburst & Teenage Cancer Trust

Raising a Juicy Sum for Teenage Cancer Trust Starburst have joined forces with Teenage Cancer Trust in an effort to ‘raise a juicy sum’ of least £200,000 for the charity. Teenage Cancer Trust is an amazing group of people who support young people with cancer. They have funded and built 28 units specifically for young […]

Avalon Website - Browser Homepage

Avalon Websites

As part of the Avalon redesign the client asked us to create a website to convey the different offers within the business. Our brief was too communicate Avalons expertise, passion and quality and how this fed into their capability to produce everything from small bespoke projects to high volume production runs – all with the same […]

2014 Starburst Halloween Packaging Launch - Spooky Shadow

Trick or Treat

Starburst and Tesco came together for a Halloween limited edition. Our job was to create a concept that made Starburst relevant at halloween. We decided to play on an old Halloween favourite ‘trick or treat’. To create the trick or treat we have three flavours with a sweet and sour version of each – so […]

Sundance Stationary

Sundance Identity

After 12 years of great success in the world of strategic research, Sundance identified an opportunity for change. They wanted to re-frame the business with a new offer and to reflect this change wanted a new identity to match. Their previous logo was a sun of complex layering and colour, which was both difficult and […]



We are called Straight Forward Design for a reason. It sums up how we do what we do.

We don’t layer design in mystery, we don’t package it in big words or jargon and we are not precious, just strong ideas that are easy to get and a straight forward process to get there. We don’t make things long winded or formulaic, each problem is different and we tailor our approach accordingly. What remains the same is our ethos, to work as partners with our clients to get the best result in the most straight forward way.

At the heart of what we do is relationships. With each other, with our clients, with our partners. We like to collaborate, to work seamlessly as a team. Our work delivers and we deliver it in any enjoyable way and that is why people come back to us time and time again.


Good design should have a lasting impact and the ideas we produce must stand the test of time against their purpose.

We design across a wide variety of brand and communication platforms and although our work is diverse one thing remains the same – we always start by asking ‘why’. What you do may be the same as the competition. But why you do it is always different. It’s the reason you exist and it sets you apart. Why gives meaning to what you do.

Discovering your meaning leads us to strong, original ideas that last the test of time.


We want a business that is personable and very, very good.

We’re small by design so that we can have direct relationships with our clients and offer a flexible and attentive service. By being small we can focus on delivering great ideas and do it in a personal way. Collectively our team has over 50 years brand design experience. We know what works we know what doesn’t. Everyone in the studio is equal and equally accountable. Together we work tirelessly to understand each brand and to create strong, intelligent work that makes sense a makes a real difference


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We like doing nice work with nice people. Our aim in life is to do good work for companies and individuals who are good to work with. As an agency, we’re proud to call these clients our partners, and even our friends.


It’s easy to find us – our studio is situated in Fitzrovia, only 5 minutes walk from Oxford Circus, Great Portland Street and Goodge Street stations.

Straight Forward Design Ltd

112-114 Great Portland Street
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+44 (0)207 580 2875